5 Reasons To Consider Real Estate in Northwest Montana

5 Good Reasons You Need to Start Thinking About Purchasing Real Estate in Northwest Montana.

Have you been looking for a change of pace in life?

Perhaps you have dreamed about relocating to a spot where the trees still outnumber the humans 10-to-1 and there are more lakes than there are malls?

If you are like most men and women, you would have to respond ‘yes’ to at the very least one of these questions. But most individuals stop at just thinking about a more satisfying life, only the positive men and women will ever really do something about it.

A great number believe that, actually doing something… begining again and designing a new and more suitable way of life is a lot more challenging than it really is, so they rarely even try. The thought of actually having to get a little dirty and do a bit of work discourages. Others just consider it much too low a priority to be truly worth bothering with.

Today I want to point out 5 considerations why it would be wise for you to tackle your anxiety and hesitations and actually start taking productive steps towards developing a new life in northwest Montana.

First of all, northwest Montana furnishes an easier, more casual style of life.

Are you sick and tired of sitting in rush-hour traffic for hours every day? Are you tired of the noise pollution… the fast-paced lifestyle… trying to “keep-up-with-the-Joneses’”? Life is different here in northwest Montana. Out here you’re not judged with regards to how extravagant your car or truck is, you don’t fret about your day planner and corporate business meetings. Out here the comotion of traffic and the chatter of a thousand pedestrians is substituted with the call of an eagle and the sound of water cascading over the stones of a glacial river bed. For many that have made Montana their new home, the morning commute has been replaced with a stroll down main street and the evenings leave time to enjoy the brilliant kaleidoscope of a big sky sunset over the rocky mountains.

Another reason to stop dreaming and start considering a move to northwest Montana, is the fact that life only gives us so many days, and Montana delivers more excitement than you could possibly fit into an entire lifetime.

Whatever your idea of adventure is, whether you prefer to downhill ski or waterski, work on a snowman or a suntan, ride horseback through the wilderness or skydive out of a plane… western Montana has the space, the power and the presence to make all of your dreams come true!

Northwest Montana is the home to several million acres of safeguarded wilderness area, including the one-and-a-half million acres of Glacier National Park, the extensive Great Bear Wilderness and the million-plus acres of the pristine Bob Marshall wilderness area, just to name a few.

And if disappearing into Montana’s wilderness for a while isn’t your thing, you might be pleased about northwest Montana’s other beloved attractions such as the Whitefish Mountain Resort, arguably one of the best ski and summer resort destinations in the US. Or perhaps sailing, or charter fishing on Flathead Lake, the largest fresh-water lake west of the Mississippi, is more your thing.

Do you like to golf? Northwest Montana provides dozens of world-class choices for you to focus on your game. Many of the golf courses in northwest Montana have been endorsed by some of golf’s most famous publications as ranking amongst the finest in the nation!

Northwest Montana provides endless opportunities for mountain biking, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, backpacking, windsurfing, sky-diving, hunting, scuba diving, and everything in between.

But it is more than simply outdoor excitement that make people choose northwest Montana as their home. Art and culture also abound here. From the art galleries and artisan studios that line the main-streets of Montana’s northwest communities, to the Broadway-style playhouses and the local rock bands that rock out in the bars and coffee shops, you will feel alive with culture and at one with your own creative genius when you are living in northwest Montana.

Another factor that many desire to start life anew in northwest Montana is for the security that they feel it brings to themselves and their family and love ones. Crime in northwest Montana is practically non-existent in contrast to the larger metropolitan areas of the country. Out here, strangers still pause to lend a helping hand to a stranded motorist, not to see what is in it for them… but instead because it is just the right thing to do. Out here children still play games in their front yards without the worry of being abducted by unscrupulous people and families can still walk downtown at night without fear of be hassled or solicited.

Finally, northwest Montana allows you the freedom to be near the action without being overwhelmed by it. Whether your most suitable lifestyle involves a ranch home with sweeping views of the mountains… a log cabin tucked into the forest… a lakefront cottage with a private boat dock… a ski resort chalet… or a residential home… northwest Montana is certain to have the ultimate real estate to satisfy your desires. Northwest Montana’s real estate copportunities range from small lakeside villages to moderate metropolitan areas with shopping malls, cinemas, colleges and universities, international airports and all the other advantages that you would expect from a modern metropolis. Montana offers you the choice to settle down into the exact standard of living you have always desired whether that means getting away from it all, being in the center of it all, or being just on the outskirts of it all.

If you are looking for a change of pace, an opportunity to overlook your fears and follow your passions… then stop daydreaming… start preparing and discover why northwest Montana real estate is your answer to the life you have been in the market for.

Whitefish Montana Realtor Mike Anderson grew up in and has lived most of his life in northwest Montana. He knows what a blessing it is to be able to call this place home, and he has dedicated his life to helping others discover this paradise as well and helping them to make it their new reality. Call Montana Realtor Mike Anderson today at 866.599.8160 and find out how he can help make your dream come true, or visit Mike online at